Personal Training

Over the years I’ve been on many weight loss endeavors. I would lose weight, gain it back lose it again. You get the idea. Denise would stalk me at the gym and I would run and hide.

My real journey began in 2014 when I stopped feeling sorry for myself and accepted Denise’s offer to train with her. We had a few one on one conversations to help ease my fears about being over-weight and my poor eating habits. I found great comfort when Denise shared her personal experiences along with some before and after pictures.

Together we created a personalized meal plan and got started training right away. I had many meltdowns along the way but Denise was right there with words of encouragement and support. In her motherly way a.k.a. tough love, Denise would say get over it and so now what days are we scheduled to train this week. Moments like those are when I would have had a self-pity party and turned to my favorite comfort foods and cocktails like I’ve done in the past. But, since joining InnerStrength I’ve been provided with all the tools and support I need to keep moving forward. Now I consistently go to the gym, run and train along with making better food choices.

Each day I’m more confident and I have a greater appreciation for her tough love.
And just when I thought things couldn’t get any better along comes Curvin as part of the training team. Together this dynamic duo helped me transform from a size 16/18 to a size 6. I will admit there were many days I told Denise and Curvin that I didn’t like them. There were times when I thought I was going to die. My body was sore for days, but they both keep pushing me and each week I continued to make progress. I’ve now become a results chaser and I willingly accept their challenges to see how much further I can transform my mind and body. So if results are what you want then Denise and Curvin are the trainers for you. ~ Crystal Wilson

I started Personal Training with Denise and Curvin 9 months ago. I have grown so much and have seen great progress not just with weight loss but with inner peace and spiritual growth. Previously, I had yo-yo dieted for years but with my customized InnerStrength Nutrition Plan and 24/7 support from Denise and Curvin my journey has been and still is a wonderful one. It is an amazing journey! ~ SLM

Denise and Curvin have been my personal trainers for over 18 months. I now have four ½ hour sessions a week with them. At 60, my mobility and strength has improved exponentially as a direct result of working with them both. They have great expertise and knowledge on training and people skills which allows them to customize my workout program based on where I am each day in terms of my ability, energy, chronic back pain, etc. I so appreciate their patience and honest support of my progress and journey and will be forever grateful for their leadership and coaching. Working with Denise and Curvin has literally changed and improved my life in so many ways. I am more mobile and feel younger and am proud of the workouts I have with them.  ~ Peg M.

Each day training makes me stronger not only through my body but through my mind because I’m reaching limits I never thought I could. ~ Brittany B.

Denise helped me develop a personal road map to combine both fitness and better nutrition to produce results… If you have the inner drive to get going, she can help propel you to the next level.  ~ Dianne B.