InnerStrength U’s CEO Rise & Shine Online Virtual Bootcamp

BEGINS 08/26/19

Whether you are the CEO of your own business or of Your Household –> Put yourself first!  Explore and simple, easy & fun way for you to take your health back!

Come join Denise & Curvin starting Monday, 8/26/19 if:

  • Sacrificing your Physical, Mental or Emotional Health to Grow Your Business, Career or Wealth?
  • You Can’t Find the Time?
  • Frustrated You Don’t Know How to Effectively Exercise?
  • Stuck Creatively?
  • Tired of being tired?
  • Need to Find Time to Make You a Priority Again?
  • Resentful Your Business Has Taken Over Your Life?
  • Stagnant Personal Growth Stopping = Stagnant Business Growth?

 To learn more or sign up:  CLICK HERE

InnerStrength U’s CEO’s Virtual Bootcamp is the original high-intensity work out. You will burn up to 500-800 calories in one 30 MINUTE SESSION  while you tone muscle, maximizes fat loss, and increase your metabolism, so you actually burn more calories even after class is over throughout your day.

Curvin & Denise push you to do what you didn’t even know you were capable of doing. The music, motivation, laughter & energy in the room or outside…..It’s magic (and about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on).

  • Most group fitness classes have a huge flaw:
    • Focus placed on the exercises, but not the exercisers.
    • Takes away the accountability factor for both the trainer and the trainee 
    • Goals not accomplished

At InnerStrength’s CEO’s Virtual Bootcamp, Denise & Curvin spend time putting together personalized, heart-rate-based interval training and concentrating on the individuals who work with us to get in the best shapes of their lives.

  • Each class is different. You will never have the same routine — and never get bored. We offer a mix of running, plyometrics and weights.  

 Click Picture below for Boot Camp preview:

What’s In It For YOU:

  • Personal Accountability: Keeping Promises to Yourself
  • Increased Discipline that will trickle over into your business.
  • Daily Accountability M-W-F: We will be there ready & waiting for you
  • Daily Wake Up Text 30 Minutes before Boot Camp Starts
  • Structured Workouts with Detailed Information on the Form, Breathing & Results
  • Private Community Access 
  • Workout From Where You Are
  • Add On Option: Video Library with all previous sessions to do on other days.
  • Bonus Videos on Topics, Concerns, etc. Suggested by You

To learn more or sign up:  CLICK HERE


Denise & Curvin

PS:  This is by far, the most inexpensive program we offer to help you embrace a fit & healthy lifestyle. 

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