Celebrate Your Victories – Big & Small

When we celebrate our victories, our brain releases dopamine that energizes us and makes us feel good. It makes us want to take more action and do more of it. The key is to allow yourself to feel good with your imperfect progress. Celebrating your small wins along with the big wins is important part in your journey to fit & healthy success.

Allow the process below to become a vicious cycle in your life:

Action –> Result –> Feeling good –> More action –> More result

1. Acknowledge your progress

  • Acknowledging your progress requires a switch in your thinking. You need to change your mindset so that you will feel good with all the action you have taken. Success is all about making and tracking your progress. Celebrate each victory every time because you are getting yourself one step closer toward your dreams.

2. Write down your victories

  • Your memory and enthusiasm increase when you write things down.
  • Keeping track of your victories allows you to review your steps to success.

3. Involve others

  • Involve people who support you and care about you. They will encourage you to stay focused.
  • It makes you feel more accountable.
  • It helps others feel like an important part of your journey inviting deeper personal connections.

4. Create your own victory dance or celebration move.

  • Victory dances or victory moves are the equivalent of you “giving yourself a pat on the back or high 5.” Often we see professional athletes use this tool after a mini victory!

5. Give yourself an appropriate reward.

  • When you hit your milestones, give yourself an appropriate reward.
    • New running shoes for the runner
    • New gym outfit to workout 
    • Day of relaxation
    • Avoid using food as a reward

Do you celebrate your victories big and small? How do you celebrate? What benefits do you experience when you do? Feel free to comment below.

Remember, when you celebrate your victories, your victories celebrate you!

Thanks for joining in!

~ Denise B. Povernick, The CEOs’ Secret Weapon

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