Create Your Own I AM Affirmations

Affirmations on their own are simply words and sentences.  Most people say affirmations but they don’t feel the energy behind what they are saying.  Technically they are going through the motions.

Affirmations like negative thoughts are powerful.  Negative thoughts are also affirmations, but they affirm what is “not wanted” versus what is wanted. Most people have no problem creating and feeling negative affirmations.  Because your Ego was created to keep you safe it is naturally pessimistic by default.

So I challenge you today to create 5 “I AM” Affirmations.  The words “I AM” are the 2 most powerful words in the Universe because they are a declaration of the highest vibration within you.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Pick 5 attributes you want to highlight
    • I am strong or I am discipline etc
    • Sit with each one individually.
    • Close your eyes
    • Start deep breathing in your nose and out of your mouth
    • Repeat your I AM Affirmation over and over until you feel a sensation in your physical body
  • Notice where that feeling originates in/on your body
  • Continue to repeat the Affirmation and deep breathing until the feeling expands over your entire body
  • Stop repeating the words but keep breathing deep
  • Surrender into the feel with each deep breath and allow the energy to wrap you up like a big comfy blanket
  • Repeat the process with the other affirmations.

You can create your own visuals.  Sign up for a free account at and create visuals to add to your phone, computer or print out to place strategically around your home. Canva provides free templates, pictures and is very easy to use.

I’ve created a small group of I Am Affirmations to get you started featured below. Feel free to share any you have created in our InnerStrength U Infinity Unleashed Facebook Tribe!

To download this FREE I Am Affirmations Bundle: CLICK HERE

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When you join, you will receive my FREE Power Manifesting Gratitude Journal instructional video that takes you step by step through the creation process!


~ Denise B. Povernick The CEOs Secret Weapon

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