Why Do You Treat Your Car Better Than Your Body?

Your body is an organic amazing machine.  The most powerful computer cannot even begin to match what the human body is capable of achieving. When fueled properly with the perfect ingredients, your body is unstoppable.  Your strength, mental clarity, focus, energy levels directly depend on what choices of food, water, hydration and activity levels you choose to feed it.

Imagine comparing your body to your car.  Car owners take great care of their cars because owning and operating a car provides freedom a person without a car doesn’t have.  Right now, if you are not properly feeding, hydrating, oxygenating and energizing your body with real food, it is the virtual equivalent of putting milk into your car’s gas tank.  The freedom known starts to slowly diminish until the damage is done.  You can temporarily replace parts, but eventually, the car will totally shit down.  The same is true for your body.

The Problem: 

You’ve been taught how to properly take better care of your car than your body.  You would not put milk in your car’s gas tank because you have been taught it will either cost thousands of dollars to repair or totally kill the car then costing thousands more to buy a new one.  When a light or bell goes off in the car and the owner doesn’t know why they reach for the owner’s manual or schedule an appointment with their mechanic to find a solution.

Your body doesn’t come with an owner’s manual nor were you taught the proper upkeep and maintenance of your body.  As an adult, this is no longer a viable argument as to why you put fake food in your body, starve your body of water and air.  Most individuals daily nutrition is equally comparable to putting milk in your car’s gas tank.

What will it take for you to treat the health of your body as seriously as the health of your car? 

Car owners are taught to make sure:

  • Water Element: The car radiator is filled with water so the car does not overheat while driving.
    • If the car overheats, the engine can be damaged.
  • Air Element: The car’s tires are filled with the proper levels of air to maximize mileage, manageability, and stability of driving the car.
    • If a car has a flat tire, the owner can’t go anywhere.
  • Earth Element: The car’s gas tank is filled with proper food: gas.  This proper fuel ensures the proper energy is created to continually propel the car in motion for the distance it travels through space and time.
  • Fire Element: The chemical reaction the car produces as it converts the Gas (food) into energy allowing the car to move.
  • The Mind:  The driver/owner of the car is the mind that makes sure the car receives the car it needs by receiving the proper care and nutrients to the right areas to make sure it not only runs efficiently but also to it’s the best capacity.
  • The Signals:  Your car has gages and gives signs when something is running on low.  The gas gauge needle moves from “F” to “E” as fuel is used.  If ignore the low fuel light eventually turns on.  If the tired run low, a light turns on indicating which tire.   Additional lights signal low oil, thermostat for rising engine temperatures, etc.
    • The lights have no meaning if the driver is either unaware or chooses to ignore. 

Cars have evolved tremendously with all the fancy bells and whistles making it easier for owners to know when things are in perfect working order and when there is a problem that needs to be addressed.  The car’s warning system does not wait until the critical moment to alert the driver.  There are lights and bells that start at the very onset of the issue or problem.

Your Body’s Systems are more Sophisticated than the Fanciest Expensive Car

Your body also has fancy bells and whistles to warn you when there is a breach in any of your body’s operating systems.  Pain, illness, lack of breath, energy, lack of mental focus, mental illness, disease are just a few examples of the bells and whistles.  Your body also starts off with early warnings but when ignored the signals get louder and louder.  A body constantly given fake food does not have the energy or capacity to communicate its needs properly.  It’s barely surviving.  As cells duplicate, they begin to mutate, not how they should split when healthy, but what the little bit of energy the fake food provides will allow. 

Your Body when Nourished Properly with the 4 Elements:

  • Water Element:  Proper clear water hydration allows for more energy, growth, organ health, digestion, cooling, elimination, filtration, etc. 
  • Air Element: Deep Breathing allows for sharper mental focus, calming effect, deeper sleep, bursts of energy, cell growth, organ health, etc.
  • Earth Element: Eating Real Food allows for nutrients absorption, muscle repair, energy creation, healthy organs, healthy body.
  • Fire Element:  Metabolism is the energy for the processing of the other 3 elements and their related benefits.  When the fire is low, the ability to fuel the other 3 elements also diminishes causing the body to cut corners, not finish the processes needed for a healthy body.

The Solution: The No Brainer Nutrition Program

This program actually provides you with an ongoing pliable owner’s manual that you can personalize to your body.  You are given not only the education (membership site) the guidance (1 on 1 & group coaching)  and the personalization to your body’s needs (connection to your internal bells/whistles and inner GPS). 

We offer 3 Levels:

Join us on June 8, 2019 at 9 AM EST in the InnerStrength U’s Fit & Healthy Facebook Tribe for our 1 day Nutrition Challenge to receive your body’s owner manual: The Roadmap to Eat Yourself Healthy.

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