A Simple Thought Will Change Your Future Immediately

What would your life be like if you really understood: One simple thought will change your future immediately? 

Do you want to know your future? You already do. The best way to predict your future with absolute certainty is to create it moment by moment from the completeness of what is desired now. 

You create every moment and until that moment happens it is unknown to your conscious mind, but known intimately to your subconscious.  Life literally unfolds in front of you moment by moment. It is you and only you that makes it known and brings it to life through your choices. 

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In that split second of choice, you not only chose the choice you want, but reject all other choices unwanted. In that split second, your true inner knowing has gone through all the choices, choosing the one that best fits what you need to learn now. 

“The future is always changing in the largest of ways by the smallest of things: your choices.” ~ Denise B. Povernick

To believe in a predestined, predetermined life would usurp your Free Will.  Free Will allows you to make your own decisions for your experience.  The choice is always your. Know that not choosing is essentially choosing by default. You are simply a sum total of all your previous choices.

But you are not static. You are evolving and emerging into new improved versions of your previous self always directed by your choices. This is profound. Do you realize you have never done anything the same way twice your entire life?

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Life does not happen to you, it happens for you, by you. You have complete control even when your conscious mind insists you do not.

A simple thought will change your future.  You may not see an immediately result, but that one choice starts a domino effect simply asking you to commit to the outcomes as they present themselves to you.

The very moment you think your thought, you activate this thought to become part of your reality.  If you can think it, it already is in existence.  Your inspired action makes it manifest for you and others to experience.

No thought can be thought if it is not possible to become a reality.  It is already your reality in your subconscious mind because in the subconscious, time does not exist.  The only thing you have to do is be aware of the thought now.   

If you want to know your future, decide through your thoughts what it will be. Allow the thoughts’ essence and energy to become real in your mind and so it will be.  Simply act from its completion and allow each step to reveal itself to you.

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There is no such thing as small change. You control your future. Tap into that power.  Use powerful imaginative intent to write your story as the amazing adventure you want to experience starting now. The thoughts are in your Mind and the pen is in your hand.

~ Denise B. Povernick, The CEOs’ Secret Weapon

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