Meet InnerStrength U Denise Mariano – Age 64 Photographer & Blogger

Client Milestone Spotlight – Week 1 Results

Denise’s Blog:

After many dedicated years as mother of 2, Elementary School Teacher, dedicated wife, and daughter, Denise realized the toll sacrificing herself to care for others has taken on her physically, mentally and emotionally.

Denise is the rock that others depend on in their time of need, but she wasn’t her own rock.In September 2018, her loving husband passed after a long battle with illness in which Denise was his primary caretaker.

A longtime client of InnerStrength, and Friend of Denise & Curvin, Denise finally decided it was her turn to take care of herself not only to honor all those she has taken care of but finally to take the time to take care of herself. She knew exactly where to turn, so she began her No Brainer Nutrition Journey.

Above are Denise’s Week 1’s Milestones, all started during the week leading up to Easter. Where many would have put it off another week, or used Easter as an excuse to splurge on food, Denise had decided enough was enough.

It was time to stop pushing off what needed to be done and just do it!Denise stated she came to InnerStrength U and chose No Brainer Nutrition because she knows that Denise B. Povernick would not accept any excuses and not give her any wiggle room to argue for her limitations and this is exactly what she needed. The results speak for themselves.

I got permission to include all of these details including Denise’s age of 64 because we hear often from women they can’t lose weight because of their age as they continue to let numbers define them.

I hope you find this story inspiring & realize the time is now! It doesn’t matter your age, what the scale says, what worked or didn’t work in the past. What matters now is that you decide becoming fit & healthy is a top priority! Start today, start now!

~ Denise

PS: To schedule your FREE 30 Minute No Brainer Nutrition consult with Denise: CLICK HERE

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