10 Tips to Tap Into Inner Your Peace

by Denise B. Povernick

The Universal Law of Correspondence states “as above so below, as within so without.”

What does this mean for you? It means your inside world and the outside world are a direct mirrored reflection of each other. What you want to see in physical manifestation, first must be within you or must be you. It is easier to go within yourself to tap into your INNER-VERSE than try to change what is outside of you or the OUTER-VERSE. The only person or thing you can change is you. The only place to start is within yourself. This will change everything on the outside.

Every day should start by going within and tapping into the Peace already present within you. There is no lack of Peace within your INNER-VERSE. You are Peaceful by nature. Any conflict within you, or lack of Peace, has been taught to you from others. In order for lack of Peace to be considered, the whole of Peace is also present. How else would you know there is lack? Let’s redirect your focus and awareness to this fact. You are already the change (Peace) you seek.

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Before you go and share Peace to your outside world, fill yourself up first through awareness. You cannot give what you do not recognize within yourself. In order to know anything in this world, it first must be present within you. How else would you recognize it?

Let’s rephrase, the more Peaceful you are from within, the more Peace you will have to share with others, and the more Peace you will see and experience in your outer world. Your INNER-VERSE is infinite. You can never add or subtract from infinity. The more you recognize and experience your own inner Peace, the more others will recognize your gift when they receive it without any words needed to be spoken.

Peace is never missing, it is always within you in all its glory. Your awareness of this is key. Listed below are tips to help you recognize that through experience and awareness, you are PEACE.

10 Tips to Tap into Your Inner Peace

  1. Take 5-10 mins to start your morning peacefully. Let go of all thought (positive and negative) and allow your immediate state of well-being to be made known to you by how good you begin to feel.
  2. Decide to be a conscious creator and become aware of the goodness within everyone and everything starting with yourself.
  3. Starting today, decide to change your thoughts and inner dialogue process from the “I Have to” to “I Get to” thought process.
  4. Let go of judging yourself and others by knowing everyone including you is doing the best they can with where they are.
  5. Just like Christmas, Peace Day doesn’t have to be just one day, mark it on your calendar, send yourself reminders, text, emails that say, “You are Peace, to be Peaceful is simply to be you.”
  6. Do not accept any invitations to argue, explain or defend yourself. Let others have the last word, your peaceful silence will be yours.
  7. Learn your heart song by choosing peace in all you do, think and say first to yourself than to others. Peace and kindness emanate from the heart.
  8. Express gratitude for being the wonderful you in this amazing world.
  9. Show others that Peace exists in this world through your actions. They will know your heart by what you do.
  10. Make yourself a priority at the end of your day just as you did, in the beginning, see number 1 on this list and repeat.

One Love,

Denise B. Povernick

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