No Brainer Nutrition: What is it? Part 1

by Denise B. Povernick

No Brainer Nutrition is not a weight loss program.  We target fat loss, focus on nutrition, healthy choices, eating REAL FOOD, hydrating the body, focused intentional movement, and deep breathing.

Weight loss and fat loss are not the same things.  We will help you understand some tricky fitness/weight loss jargon so you can make better-informed choices.  Body composition, body fat, body mass, and lean mass are all terms used often to confuse the everyday person into believing that living a fit & healthy lifestyle is complicated.  This is not true. It all comes down to basic biology, chemistry, and math.

Imagine working with a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Subconscious Mind Expert, and Reiki Master, all wrapped up into one person, who approaches your personalized No Brainer Nutrition Plan holistically. Denise B. Povernick brings over 25+ years of experiential knowledge and real-life experience. Your program is literally one of a kind.

Denise meets with you either daily or weekly (your choice) to hold you accountable and make individualized changes as needed that is right for you based on over 30 different physical, mental and emotional measurements. She guides you through the physical and mental changes and challenges while offering emotional support as you create new habits that support a healthy lifestyle.

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If our No Brainer Nutrition Program has piqued your interest, I urge you to book a 30 MInute FREE Nutrition Consult with me: CLICK HERE

Do not worry!  We are going to build a step by step solid foundation in the simplest terms to help you understand, learn and execute exactly what your body needs.  This process is its own living and breathing entity that will require both your focus and awareness in the present moment to relearn how your body talks to you.  You will be (and really always have been) the expert of you, since you are the only one having your personal experience.  The difference now will be you will become a cooperative component for your greatest health.

Your body is always giving you 24/7 real-time feedback on what it needs and what it doesn’t need.  It’s up to you to slow down, pay attention and listen.  We not only help you physically transform, but we give you the knowledge coupled with experience. Once you understand this program, you will never have to be a prisoner to your weight or the scale again.

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You would agree that you would not put a gallon of milk into your car’s gas tank.  Your car would not get very far and doing so would cause damage to other parts of your car.   The same simple concept works in this program!

No Brainer Nutrition is not a diet.  It is a healthy lifestyle change and it is a Nutrition Program (we hope the name gave it away)! We have developed this program to be “high touch” through daily & weekly personalized updates and highly interactive real-time experiences. 

We named the Program “No Brainer” for 2 reasons.  First, in the beginning, we take all the pressure off you and design you a very personalized and specific program, based on your nutritional needs, medical needs, physical needs, and emotional needs.  We give you a step by step roadmap and the additional GPS guidance (the daily accountability add-on) to keep you on track.  Yet even with the road map, we teach you how to make clear informed choices. 

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Second, through repetitive guidance, we help you create new habits deeply rooted in your subconscious mind literally making your new fit and healthy nutrition lifestyle a “no brainer” as you move forward in your life. 

If our No Brainer Nutrition Program has piqued your interest, I urge you to book a 30 MInute FREE Nutrition Consult with me: CLICK HERE

I look forward to working with you. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

~Denise B. Povernick

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