Get Out of Your Mind – Embrace Your Madness

Are you out of your Mind? Do you want to be? Are you ready to Embrace Your Madness? If not, want to embrace mine? 

Sometimes there is a method to my Madness and sometimes it’s pure Madness (or genius as I like to call it!)  Either way, I get results, have an amazing experience with awesome stories to tell!

That’s why I’m personally inviting you to my Mindset Laboratory so you too can learn to Embrace Your Madness (insert mad scientist laughter here!)

 (You must SIGN UP HERE to participate. )

As a veteran Coach, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, I see the struggle most people encounter in wanting to make real lasting changes in their life.  Here’s the conundrum: they know they need to change but don’t know how to make it stick.  Their intentions are good but they end up forgetting they started or they deliberately self-sabotage.  They overthink and get stuck in their heads!

This is not a result lack of will power or discipline or doing something “wrong.”  This outcome is a result of being in and following the wrong mind, literally.  The Mind that realizes there is a need for change is simply not the same Mind that creates and makes the change.  Both minds speak different languages. Most people I meet, obey the wrong mind as it speaks a language they simply don’t understand.

Want to know a secret? In this Mindset Lab, I will help you learn about your two different minds & their languages and how to reset yourself back to factory settings and reprogram your minds for symbiotic communication.

Or simply stated we’re going out of your mind and embrace your madness.

Sound like fun? Each night we are going to explore and unearth hidden mind gems buried deep through fun and Mind Blowing exercises.  You will experience first hand how powerful your mind is and how easy it is to tap into the infinity within you.

Here’s the agenda:

  • Monday 3/11/19:  You Think You Have a Problem – Stop Thinking! 7PM EST
  • Tuesday 3/12/19:  Are your Loopy? 7PM
  • Wednesday 3/13/19:  Mind Over Matter Over Mind- 7PM EST
  • Thursday 3/14/19:  Embrace Your Madness – It’s Pure Genius! 7PM EST
  • Friday 3/15/19:  Resetting You Back to Factory Settings! 7PM EST 

You must SIGN UP HERE to participate.  Once you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email with further instructions!

See you on March 11, 2019 7PM!  Be prepared to have your MIND blown! 

Denise B. Povernick, InnerStrength U

PS:  Share this Mindset Lab with your Family & Friends let’s get as many minds blown & madness embraced as possible!

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