How Can a Reiki Soul Retrieval Through Spirit Resurgence Experience can Help You Heal?

The purpose of Soul Retrieval through Spirit Resurgence is to go back in time, to discover the primary, driving factor(s) that led you and your Soul to incarnate into this lifetime. The goal of understanding the individual’s mission is to shed light on many life choices, challenges, priorities, and other aspects of the client’s path up to the point of the journey – and potential choices in the future. We tend to lose ourselves, our identity, our personal power, and our purpose through outside conditioning from other perceived authority figures. In this case, power is restored through Soul Resurgence – which helps clients create a new and more fulfilling life with the new awareness the gifts and talents hidden deep within the person. There are many situations that can result in the Disconnect of AWARENESS of one’s Life Purpose including:

  • Death of a loved one or pet
  • A Painful Breakup of a Marriage, Love Relationship or Friendship
  • Divorce
  • Infertility
  • Physical or emotional trauma.
  • Assault
  • Accidents (People might say: “I haven’t felt the same since that accident.”)
  • Abuse
  • Profound betrayal.
  • Abandonment
  • War and combat

Loss of Awareness can be a protective mechanism that helps us survive traumatic events. When Loss of Awareness or Disconnection occurs you may feel out of sorts or feel like you do not know yourself anymore. When Awareness is blocked or splinters, certain Gift and Talents associated through the blockage or splintering become inaccessible and eventually forgotten. We become weakened and dispirited. When Awareness splinters or becomes blocked illness, disease, negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs and habits settle in. Symptoms of Blocked or Splinter Awareness include:

  • Apathy, listlessness, numbness.
  • Loss of energy.
  • Feeling like something has died inside.
  • Feeling empty or like there is huge hole inside.
  • Inconsolable grief, which can last for years.
  • Chronic depression.
  • Suicidal tendencies.
  • Feeling incomplete.
  • Chronic illness.
  • Localized pain, such as back, neck, and knee problems.
  • Gaps in memory.
  • Addiction.
  • Difficulty moving on with life.
  • Chronic misfortune, i.e. one catastrophe follows another.
  • Recurring patterns in life experience

Your outside world mirrors what is going on inside you. Review what you consider to be your “problems, issues or circumstances” and a Spirit Resurgence can clear up the energy surround the blockage or splintering.

One Love,

Denise B. Povernick

For more information on Reiki Soul Retrieval Through Spirit Resurgence with Denise CLICK HERE

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