Who Should Join the Heart Song Whispers FREE 3 Day Challenge?

HSW Sign up Now-2

What is Your Heart Song?

Your Heart Song is a special way the Divine Intelligence within you speaks to you in a language only you can understand. You were not a born thinker or speaker, that has been taught to you by others.

Your Heart Song is unique to you. Only you can hear it. Only you can know it. It cannot be taught to you by another. Take the time and reset yourself back to factory settings. What I really mean to express is for you to go back to a time before you were taught words or conditioned to think.


Upon enrolling you will receive:

Each day for 3 days you will receive an email with a link that opens up to a page made just for you with the different guidance topic. You will be invited to explore this topic with:

A beautifully made guidance card A written explanation of the day’s topic A video 6-10 minutes long with further guidance and a brief calming soothing meditation. Journaling prompts to explore the topic at your leisure And several “From the Heart” action steps for you to take. Join our Facebook Tribe for Facebook Live Group Discussions on each of the Days.


Join us for the Free 3 Day Challenge here:  bit.ly/HSW3day

One Love,


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