Thank You Letters to the Universe

You have so much to be grateful for at this moment right here, right now.  An Attitude of Gratitude is a very powerful manifestation tool to help attract to you all the great life has to offer.  Complaining about what’s gone, what’s missing or what’s taken forever to show up will keep you in a lifetime of complaints.

So the choice is yours as it always is in every moment. Your power is right now.  Choose at this moment to tap into your Power of Gratitude.  Give thanks for all that has been, all that is present right now and all the will be in your life.  This process has a very magical component & intentionally creates space for higher vibrational awareness within yourself.

My video below, she explains this idea and gives you a process to create more in your life by being grateful for where you are right here, right now.  The video will share a wonderful exercise to create your personal thank you letter of gratitude from your heart to the Universe.

One Love,


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