Know Your Value

If you are constantly trying to prove yourself worthy, you do not know your value.
The same goes for another that does not see your value.   They recognize some of what you’re offering but do not have the skill set or life experience to see its value.

No matter how many times you explain it and even show others, they just don’t get it!  You are speaking a foreign language.  You then internalize this interaction as not being good enough.  That is an illusion! Step back & see this from a different perspective.

You always have value!  No one determines that but you!  Let others be where they are while you keep shining the light of your value and positive vibrations so that they may experience more than their limited views!

We never teach others who we are by our words.  We express who we are through our actions.  Your actions are determined by the value you give yourself.

You are here creating value because you are valuable! Know this!

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