A Little Extra+

Life is simple. So it’s time to connect to that simplicity. Connect to your heart. Your heart has a song that beats just for you. This song can only be heard by you. This song has the “little extra” that will be needed. You can tap into this heart song and its “little extra” during any moment of NOW. It is always accessible in the present moment.

An amazing life does not need a spectacular plan with all the steps mapped out nor does your next project. All you need to connect to is the next step and add a “little extra” to that step. Keep it simple yet challenge yourself. This “little extra” cannot be thought out ahead of time. Your heart connects to the extra in the present moment during the action. The “little extra” is known by how good it feels in the execution of it.

There are so many ways to add some extra. Be truly present in this moment. Do the extra that makes your heart sing. Do the extra that makes you feel alive. Connect to how you feel right now. See every moment as brand new. See yourself brand new in every moment.

If you are living an ordinary life than you are not living, you are existing. Never settle for ordinary. You are an extraordinary person living an extraordinary life! Share your “little extra” with those who are yet to recognized their own “Little extra.” Make your “little extra” contagious.

Feel free to share your thoughts or comments!

One Love,

Denise B. Povernick

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