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Every morning I wake up so excited to start my amazing day.  My life truly is stranger than fiction and some of the things that happened I simply cannot make up for it is as is real as the words on this page.  When you shift your awareness from life happens to you and become aware that life happens for you, life begins to seem magical.  Now on many occasions, I experience the craziness of life, the ups and downs, and the ins and outs. I just simply call them my PLOT TWISTS.

So here is one of those stories that as I’m writing it down, I realized there’s no other person I’d rather be than me. I’m truly loving this experience. My greatest joy is in all the information and services that I share with you, you will begin to enjoy your life and being you!

Some of the adventures I experience simply is getting caught in the loop of the many paradoxes that is my life.  Sometimes the paradox is frustrating but there’s nothing more amazing than AHA  moment you realize you’ve just solved the paradox.  The story below is a great example of this!
In my Empowerment Coaching Practice, I created a Signature Program called “CREATING SPACE ℠.”  This program helps you manifest the amazing life you want to live now using The Law of Attraction in a way never taught before.  This Program has you tap into your infinite creative imagination.

When I was CREATING SPACE℠ for my business, the space I created was represented by “A Rainbow Unicorn Farting Glitter.”  Yes I know I have a wild imagination.  That was exactly what that visual represented to me about the business goals I had intended.  Most people would say that both my creation of the Unicorn and my business goals only existed in fantasy.  In my Universe, these goals where the equivalent of the enormous alignment of the Universe to bring together all that I asked.  That’s a done deal in my books!

I know what this analogy feels like and looks like. When the visual or the feeling shows up in real life, at the moment it arrives, whatever you are doing or experiencing has to do with the  CREATED SPACE℠ previously created.  You can then move forward fearlessly in the pursuit of your intended creation.

I created this space early August 2017 and have been joyously experiencing an explosion in business opportunities. So I started to live my life as if my goals already came true.  When in a fantasy world, live the fantasy.

Then last Friday, I hopped on Facebook for a moment and in my newsfeed, the first occurrence arrived.  There was a posting about FRUIT LOOPS® cereal coming out with a new version and a Rainbow Unicorn was the mascot.  Since the cereal wasn’t in my dining future,  I paid attention to any business opportunities around the post and also what the post itself represented.  this week I placed my first Facebook Paid add with amazing results.

The next morning I say another add on my computer as I was researching a future blog topic. The MY LITTLE PONY® brand is coming out with a new movie for kids and 3 of the ponies where Rainbow Unicorns.  Later this week on Wednesday I found a Spiritual Entrepreneur that used a Rainbow Unicorn in glitter as her logo. Her business is exploding!  well played Universe, well played! So I realized my outcome is getting closer to fruition.

Last night I was texting a client/friend and she had an autocorrect occur telling her story to me.  She meant to type “UNIVERSE” but her phone autocorrected it to “UNICORN” as she was comparing herself and me to Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.  Finally, this morning as I was texting Curvin, I was looking for a funny Bitmoji to send him and I found the one pictured above. It is me as a RAINBOW UNICORN FARTING GLITTER.  I’m speechless, are you?


Just Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I already am what I seek yet it was the last place I looked. I have everything I need inside me.  On my journey of following the yellow brick road outside me, meeting odd but adorable friends as crazy as I am, while previously seeking the approval of others and following what they say is true rather discovering it on my own, I truly realized I am the space I create.  It IS what I SAY IT IS!

I am the goals I set.  I am making this all up as I go along.  But I am an amazing storyteller, writing the most adventurous story that has ever been told!  I know that whatever I want to create, first I create the space for it to come to be and then I write the story.  It is and always has been what I say it is.  The only thing now that is different is I  AM AWARE!

Have a Happy Rainbow Unicorn Farting Glitter Friday!


PS:  This Unicorn needs an amazing name.  Please comment below with suggestions!

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