You are the Miracle You Seek

What is a Miracle?  According to

  • a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be the work of a divine agency.
  • a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.
  • an amazing product or achievement, or an outstanding example of something.

Let me invoke here what I call my Law of Opposites.    My Law of Opposites states, whatever you have been taught by something or someone outside of yourself through words or actions, not your own personal experience -> the opposite is true until you filter the belief through your own personal knowing and experience. That’s a BOLD statement.  You will only experience in this reality what you believe.  Most of your beliefs are based on someone else’s teaching, not your own personal experience.   In essence, you are taking their word for it.  Therefore, most people do not think for themselves (even though you think you do).

The above definition could not be the further from the truth.  In believing this definition, you are denying yourself the ability to experience the infinite number of Miracles that happen right before your eyes every day.  In this limiting definition and belief, you are also are denying the Miracle of each moment.  Most importantly,  you are denying the Miracle of You.

Every person, place, thing, event etc is a Miracle.  Everything and everyone is synchronistically right on time.

Albert Einstein said it best:


Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 5.15.00 PM


Do you realize that this moment, right here, right now has never been experienced since the beginning of time like it has now? Now at this moment and now this moment etc.  In each new moment of Now, you are brand new, there have never been 2 of the same versions of you ever in all of your existence.  You are not the same person you were 1 second ago, 1 hour ago, 1 day ago, 1 week ago, 1 month ago or 1 year ago etc. You get the idea.  This is true for everything and everyone.

Can you begin to understand how your beliefs are limiting?  If you begin to see each moment and each person for the miracle they are, and each moment in all its newness, you realize you have never been, done or experience anything the same way twice ever!

With this Law of Opposites shift in consciousness,  the above definition begins to become your truth.   Initially, to accept the definition that a Miracle is a rare event that’s very improbable robs you of knowing your Divinity and Infinity.  But with the consciousness shift, that improbability makes each moment, person, event etc the true miracle it really is and always has been.  You live a life of nonstop miracles flowing through life as a nonstop miracle. This is the Divine Paradox.   The opposite of the opposite is the truth.

Truth, Divine Paradoxes, Infinity, Thinking for Yourself (or there lack of), and Laws of the Universe are topics to be addressed in my future blogs.   How deep do you want to go? I can take you there.

Take nothing I ever say, blog, or teach as truth until you take it within yourself and experience as your own truth.

For now, know this:

miracle (1)

Miracles never happen outside of you.  Nothing ever happens outside of you because there is nothing outside of you.  You are a miracle’s expression in the human form of Divine Infinity.

With unconditional Love for the Miracle of You,

~Denise Povernick

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